Re-Balancing a Disrupted
Nervous System

DMK Pharmaceuticals is reimagining neurotherapies for central nervous system disorders of significant unmet need. We have a wholly-owned library of high value, first-in-class compounds and a differentiated pipeline that addresses the need for novel therapies which integrate with the body’s own efforts to regain balance of disrupted brain circuitry. By designing small molecule analogs of neuropeptides, multiple receptors can be targeted simultaneously and support a gradual transition back to a balanced neurophysiological state.

An experienced team
with a vision

We founded DMK Pharmaceuticals so that patients with central nervous disorders could live life in control, instead of under the control, of their addiction, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, depression, bladder problems – or their treatments.

A nervous system in

Addiction, pain, depression, movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s) and poor bladder control are hallmarks of a central nervous system in conflict. Innovation in neuroscience has been limited by a focus on mono-receptor treatments that end up overriding the body’s built-in mechanisms of self-regulation. These unilateral treatments can lead to respiratory depression, overdose, and death. In other cases, patients become tolerant (non-responsive) or refractory to the overriding treatment, and subsequently return to a diseased state in need of escalating interventions.

DMK’s multi-receptor treatments and modes of administration aim to coordinate with the nervous system to regain control over conflicting disease circuits. Such a novel approach could usher in a new era of neurotherapies.

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