A New Outlook
on Neurotherapies

Anchored by our commitment to reimagine treatments for the most urgently needed and underserved neurological and psychiatric disorders, DMK Pharmaceuticals is building a pipeline of neuromodulators that promote balance and control of the central nervous system.

Our pipeline targets key neurochemical processes that make the central nervous system so difficult to treat.

Our small molecule neuromodulators have the potential to:

  • Target and bind to multiple receptors
  • Simultaneously act as agonists, antagonists and biased ligands
  • Reduce or obviate the need for surgical intervention
  • Reestablish neural control over organs
  • Treat a disease areas of significant unmet need with potential blockbuster status


Our Platform

DMK is at the forefront of endorphin-inspired drug design. We are a leader in designing and developing bi- and tri-functional small molecules that simultaneously modulate critical networks in the nervous system.


Opioid Use Disorder
Moderate to Severe Pain


Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesia

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